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Xihelm has built the world’s most perfect robotic harvester for glasshouse fruit and vegetables.

That’s news that’s worth knowing about.

Use our news releases and blogs to stay up to date and share our progress as we realise our vision of automating all laborious handwork in greenhouses, by 2028.

For press enquiries and interviews, please contact Xihelm’s Press and Marketing Officer.

Robots helping to solve labour shortages

The need for robot workers is on the rise in all industries from fast food to farming, due to global events such as Covid-19. Businesses are looking to evolve operations to reduce human contact and whilst the rate of unemployment in the UK remains high, both the US and UK are still experiencing widespread worker […]

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Interview - Backing Founders with Oxford Capital

Xihelm CEO James Kent talks with David Mott, Founder Partner of Oxford Capital and how Xihelm aims to revolutionise harvesting in the commercial greenhouses with artificial intelligence, where the agricultural industry is right now and into the future. This interview is part of the series Backing Founders. Oxford Capital is a leading investor in early-stage […]

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UK farmers turn to robots to plug labour shortages

As Christmas approaches at the Melrow nursery in Merseyside, north-west England, one worker wants no holiday, has no concerns about catching Covid-19 and is happy to work up to 23 hours a day plucking piccolo tomatoes. The Eagle robot, acquired by the nursery’s owner Flavourfresh in June, identifies and snips clusters of tomatoes and gathers […]

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