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From plant to punnet.

We are Xihelm. We’ve built the world’s most perfect robotic harvester for glasshouse fruit and vegetables.
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Meet Eagle

Its sensitive robotic arm, directed by our own omatai™ data engine, provides farmers with a viable, precision indoor harvesting solution for glasshouse fruit and vegetables.

Fast, efficient and reliable, Eagle is the first harvest robot to combine computer vision with an advanced 3D AI data engine, collecting nearly 300 variables during each glasshouse harvesting session.

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Eagle sees the optimal path for its robotic arm to reach target fruits, avoiding crop damage

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Eagle harvests at optimum ripeness, using consistent quality control metrics to guarantee grade, shelf-life and taste without repeated handling

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Eagle understands whether those fruits are ripe, while recognising and reporting early signs of crop disease

Directed by omatai™

The data engine that directs Eagle contains every variable we’ve ever collected. Painstakingly labelled, we think it’s the world’s largest and most accurate 3D tomato dataset.

Between Eagle and the data engine lies Xihelm’s proprietary harvesting AI. Built and developed by our multi-disciplinary team, it has run continuously since 2017, its data volume growing 15-fold as Eagle collects and stores yet more harvest, plant, fruit and glasshouse variables. 

More data gives Eagle greater understanding, improved precision and – crucially – ever-faster autonomous indoor harvesting.

Compared to our first trials in 2017, Eagle now harvests seven times more quickly.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Recruiting and managing a workforce is the single biggest worry for most fresh produce businesses.

Selective automation offers growers better control of risks. Robots are hygienic, always available and perform consistently. By deploying autonomous harvesting robots, a business can meet production demands while upskilling its labour force into other disciplines such as crop management and agronomy.

RaaS: Robots as a Service

Xihelm’s RaaS model eliminates another common grower headache: purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment.

RaaS provides all the benefits of robotic harvesting, with simple charges based on volume or area. Installation, management and monitoring? All handled by Xihelm’s Field Engineering Team.

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Enthusing growers, attracting investors

Major UK growers already working with Xihelm robotic harvesting solutions include Flavourfresh Salads Ltd and APS Group.

“Robots are a key defence in the prevention of pests, and diseases such tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), because their precision cameras identify symptoms quicker and more accurately than the human eye. We think robotics is where the industry is going.”

Charmay Prout, Managing Director, Flavourfresh Salads Ltd

Meanwhile, Xihelm’s proven, independent approach to agri-tech R&D attracts investors. We have raised significant funds through a combination of venture capital and government innovation grants.

“We are delighted with our investment in Xihelm. The team has continuously delivered above expectation and the pandemic has highlighted the need and opportunity in greenhouse harvesting automation. We look forward to continuing our strategic support of the Xihelm team.”

XTX Ventures

Excited by our approach to robotics and greenhouse automation?

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